The Banyan Trust initiated its own projects in India and Bangladesh and developed them into fruition through close personal commitment and steady provision of the necessary funds. We made sure to cover the annual running costs of our projects, but ultimately were able to step back, partly in Bangladesh and entirely in India, and hand over these responsibilities to our respective local partners. These NGOs decided to take ownership and proudly considered them as their projects, in their countries, in their culture and they were ready to further develop the activities, according to their own visions. In Calcutta the Apanjan Project is still in the capable hands of OFFER, our initial partner (www.offer.com) with whom we started the project in 1999. In Dhaka however we changed partnership - the Sanjeevani Project was lovingly adopted by Dutch organisation Niketan (www.niketan.com) in close cooperation with local NGO DRRA. Due to administrative reasons the project was renamed Amar Joti Badda (formerly Sanjeevani), a reference to its slum location. The Banyan Trust still supports the Dhaka project’s programmes that we founded in 2008 and although no longer involved in daily management, we keep in close contact with our partners and the staff on the ground. And now we’d like to introduce the Dhaka project to you:

Centre for Child Development
Amar Joti Badda - Centre for Child Development (formerly known as Sanjeevani)Children aged 3 - 21 attend Amar Joti Badda’s daily special education activities, located at the heart of a large Dhaka slum community. The children's disabilities are wide-ranging, including autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, sensory impairment, speech and language difficulties and moderate to severe learning disabilities. Amar Joti Badda offers its students a stable and nourishing learning environment that is highly individualised and interactive with a view to successful integration. The children are encouraged to develop initiative, assertiveness and the necessary skills to survive in their challenging domestic circumstances. Additional important components of the programme are health monitoring, medical help, nutritional support, outreach, strong parental involvement and extensive family counselling through dedicated community workers employed by the Amar Joti Badda Centre that offers these much-needed services within the large slum community. (for more information about this project please visit the website of our partner organisation Niketan: www.niketan.com)



Apanjan Project, Govindapur, West Bengal, India
For almost 10 years The Banyan Trust was instrumental in the development of the Apanjan Project for streetchildren with disabilities. Initiated by The Banyan Trust, the project was adopted by local partner OFFER, an NGO based in the Indian city of Kolkata. Provision of multiple services for children with disabilities was the principal aim of Apanjan and residential care and a special education programme were established on a beautiful campus in the village of Govindapur, 25 km from Kolkata. At present home to more than 50 abandoned streetchildren with special needs and offering educational services to disabled children from the surrounding villages the Apanjan Project has developed into a regional centre of excellence. The Banyan Trust is no longer a donor of the Apanjan Project as OFFER has taken full responsibility for the fundraising. The Banyan Trust as close long time friend of Apanjan remains available for advice and continues to welcome fruitful exchanges of ideas with OFFER.